Portal Related Frequently Asked Questions

Gate Access

Q:  Can a cell phone number be utilized for opening the gates?
A: Yes!  You do not need a Pine land line to remotely open the Portal gate. The gate can be programmed to call your cell number.  This is a great way to let yourself in should you forget your gate access card. Just dial your lot number (no # or *) on the keypad at the gate to call your cell phone, then answer your cell phone and press 9 for a couple seconds to open the gate.  You can set up your phone/cell number by filling out the appropriate section on the Card/Remote Application, which you can download by clicking on Download Center above, then Gate Access on this website.

Q:  What do I do if I have a problem with my gate card/remote or need a new one?
A: For questions, contact ParkPro at 602-254-0770 or programming@parkpro.com. To order new or replacement gate cards or remotes, you can download the Card/Remote Application form by clicking on Download Center then Gate Access on this website.

Q.  Why can't we have codes for the gates instead of cards?
A.   Codes can be passed indiscriminately to anyone, at which point we lose control of who has access.  This defeats the purpose of having a controlled access gate.  

Q:  What do I do if I need a contractor to be able to get into the gate when I'm not in Pine?
A: To get a temporary, short term gate code, Contact our HOA Manager, Goldie Lense, at 623-877-1396 or 623-298-3348 or glense@pdsaz.com 

Painting, Remodeling, Landscaping

Q: Do I need to have my paint colors authorized by the Architectural Committee before painting the outside of my house?
A: Yes.   This is true even if your repainting in the same color.   It is often difficult to judge paint colors and although you may think you have chosen the identical color, it may look different when applied to the house.  In addition, it is possible that your current color is not an approved color for the Portals.

Property Access

Q: Who is permitted to enter a property without the authorization of the owner?
A: Article II, section M, titled RIGHT OF WAY of our CC&R's state: "During reasonable hours, any member of the Architectural  Committee, any member of the Board, or any authorized representative of any of them, shall have the right to enter upon and inspect any Lot or Common Area within the Properties, and the Improvements thereon, for the purpose of ascertaining whether or not the provisions of this Restated Declaration have been or are being complied with, and such persons shall not be deemed guilty of trespass by reason of such entry."


Q:  What are the governing rules for the community?
A:  The rules governing our community are documented in the CC&R's, the Architectural Rules,  the By-Laws, and the Property Rules.   These four documents can be found on this site.  Select "Document Center" from the main menu.

Q:  How do I report a violation to the community rules?
A:  Our HOA Manager, Goldie Lense should be made aware of any perceived violations.   Together with the HOA board the concern will be investigated.  Goldie can be reached at 623-877-1396 or 623-298-3348 or glense@pdsaz.com

Rec Area & Tennis Court

Q:  What is the gate code for the Rec Area and Tennis Court?
A:  From the main menu, under the "Amenities/Resources tab, click the Tennis / Rec Area link.  Click on the "lock" on the Tennis Courts / Rec Area page.

Web Site

Q.  How do I get a User Name and Password to The Portals website?
A: Click Here to register for your website account.