Firewise Committee



On Saturday, May 22nd, Portals I & II was presented
with a special award—recognition as an official
FireWise Community!  
Members from State Fire, the
Pine/Strawberry Fire Department, and the
Homeowners Association spoke of the importance of
being a FireWise Community, citing the history of fires
in our area, as well as the vulnerability of our community.
Our thanks to our neighbors on the FireWise Committee:  
Kevin Albert, Bob England, Dan Griffith, Ann Judd,
Jack Malloy, Bill Myers and Doug Reeve for their efforts, 
both past and ongoing, in reaching this goal of making
Portals I & II a safer community! 

The official designation letter from the National Project
Manager for Firewise Communities may be viewed by 
clicking on the menu button at left.

Portals Firewise Guidelines

See below for Portals Firewise Information.

Additional Information/Resources

Pine Fire Department - Click Here
National Firewise Site - Click Here
Tonto National Forest - Click Here
AZ Emergency Network - Click Here
AZ Fire Information - Click Here

Firewise Information

Firewise Information

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