Important Documents and Forms

You will find all the HOA's important documents below. Included are the bylaws, rules and regulations and forms.

To submit an Architectural Request there are two choices of forms.

1. Print and Complete form where you download the form, print it, write the info that is needed, mail it or scan it and submit it  along with any attachments to PDS by mail or email.

2. Complete Online from where you type the info that is needed and any attachments right on the website form then click submit.


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1025183819616 ByLaws (2009) ByLaws (2009)52120 KBf0216_2009_by-laws.pdf10/4/2018
2025183919616 Articles of Incorporation (1985) Articles of Incorporation (1985)26122 KBf0243_1985_articles_of_incorporation.pdf10/4/2018
5027316919616 Architectural Rules (2019) Architectural Rules (2019)64145 KBf0472_2017_arch_rules.pdf12/17/2018
5028762519616 Property Rules (2019) Property Rules (2019)95124 KB2019_property_rules.pdf2/13/2019
5028762719616 CC&Rs (2009) CC&Rs (2009)158225 KB2009_ccandr's.pdf2/13/2019