Architectural Committee

Changes to the outside of your home requires approval from the Architectural Committee.  Please plan ahead.  The approval process takes time and members of The Architectural Committee are not available 24/7.  Once all the needed information has been collected, the Architectural Committee has 30 days to approve requests (CC&R VIII-7).  For “Other Than New Homes, Rebuilds or Addition/Garage Construction” (ACR II) the Architectural Committee will make every effort to have a decision on your application within 14 days.

Please find information below for the Architectural Rules and Forms.

To submit an Architectural Request there are two choices of forms.

1. Print and Complete form where you download the form, print it, write the info that is needed, mail it or scan it and submit it along with any attachments to PDS by mail or email.

2. Complete Online from where you type the info that is needed and any attachments right on the website form then click submit.  

Architectural Information

Architectural Information

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